August 24, 2007

May 18, 2007

Chicken Fried Bacon

chicken fried bacon (with a side of cream gravy) | Originally uploaded by yi.

I had to take a day trip to Bryan, Texas and decided to stop by nearby Snook to feast on the famed Chicken Fried Bacon (CFB) at Sodolak's Original Country Inn. They are also famous for their steaks that you order by the pound and most are larger than your face.

Check out this video from Texas Country Reporter:

The CFB was surprisingly light and flaky; not greasy at all. It was served with a side of cream gravy for dipping which made the whole dish taste like breakfast. Delicious!

Sodolak's Original Country Inn
9711 FM 60 Rd E
Snook, TX 77879

(979) 272-6002
Closed on Sundays

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April 13, 2007

Weird Meat dot com is a fabulous blog about a world traveler's encounters with meats (and non-meats).

So far I've survived all of my "weird meat" experiences. In fact, I've rarely gotten a stomach ache after these experiments. I've eaten dog, cat, rat, cockroach, camel penis, bee larve, scorpions, spiders, night hawk, and pre-born duck embryo without feeling ill. Can't say the same for Taco Bell or McDonalds.

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